Monday, January 27, 2014

Ariel 12" Disney Classic Doll Review

Ariel is my favorite Princess (as you may know), tied with Elsa. This doll was top on my list to get. My mother actually got her for me for Christmas. Why I didn't buy her myself? I don't know... I'm weird sometimes. I've been meaning to review her for a while but wanted to review my dolls in the order I got them. (Merida is next!) I have four more dolls after Merida as well!

Okay lets get onto the actual review! So, I don't actually have a picture of Ariel in the box, so I grabbed this one off of google;

Here is the box without the doll in it;

It has a purple background with gold swirls decorated on it.
Her Name:

Nothing too special about the name on her box!
The little "movie moment" thing (if you click on the photo you can watch the movie moment)

As you know the box normally is one main color on the out side (this time its a light blue) and it has a darker design on top of the main color. On Ariel's box it's a sea horse and a sea shell!

The top of the box;

The pictures not the greatest and that glare! But if you can't read it, it says "Disney Classic Doll Collection"
Now here's the back

Just the basic box of the box ya know!
A closer look at her description
    "A beautiful young
 mermaid with
an enchanting voice
longs to be a part of the world
 above the sea. She makes the
 ultimate sacrifice to find her
 true love and surrenders her
      voice for a chance to
       become a human."

A better look at the sea horse and sea shell design

I really like this design. it's better than some of the others. Like Merida's you can see next week ;P
Also available;

If I'm being honest, Prince Eric is not in my top five favorite princes! The list actually goes;
1. Flynn Rider (Tangled)
2. Prince Phillip (Sleeping beauty)
3. Kristoff [some what a prince xD] (Frozen)
4. Prince Hans (Frozen)
5. Aladdin (Aladdin)
I don't know Eric is just ehh.
Now the actual doll!

She's on Deuce Gorgon basic doll first wave doll stand! haha Hobby Lobby only had three stand!
Okay her hair!

It's really pretty and curly. But gets really annoying! Her hair is now all messy and I'm afraid to brush it out. {oh and if you're a doll collector for any doll get wig brush, an American Girl doll brush is really good and fairly cheap. click here for the link to the brush)
her face;

I think she's very close to the animated Ariel! she's very pretty!

I couldn't decide which one to do the comparison with, all the covers are different!
Okay her top/ "sea shells"

People have complained about them not being shells, but if they were shells it would look tacky I think.

Her top also has clear elastic strap.

her little flappy dos at the top of her tail! I like how it's made out of like fish netting!

here's a better picture of all of her tail.

I don't know how well you can see it, but her tail has a fish scale design out lined in glitter. When I first opened her the glitter was horrific! But it has calmed down some.
her fins

the fins are in like two parts. They are sown together at the base of the tail.
okay so the feet/tail.

it kinda looks like an awkward sack! ahaha But no I really love my Ariel! She is very pretty and i recommend her to anyone! Even little boys who only like cars. I mean they might not like her, but she's truly great! she does have some flaws so i give an 4.7/5!


  1. I really love this version of Ariel, especially compared to last year's. Ariel is also my other favorite princess besides Elsa and I also don't really care for Eric that much! :)

    1. XD yeah he seems so non prince like I guess just like any other guy...not very romantic

  2. ariel is also my fave princess!
    lucky you to get it for a present!

    I wish you good luck on expanding your collection of disney dolls!

    1. Thank you for reading and commenting! And do you have a blog as well? I would love to read it! I just couldn't find one on your google page thing! Like I said I would love to read it! And have you gone on the Doll Grotto? She likes Ariel too and her reviews are great :D