Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Fa Mulan (12" Disney Princess Classic Doll Review)

I'm going to review Disney's "Mulan" Classic Doll! This doll was my first doll! I ordered her with  Pocahontas, but I opened Mulan first so I'm just going to say she was my first! Beware her Hair is kinda messy (some people think they can mess with her hair!) I'm too afraid to take it out and mess with it so haha sorry!

She came a few weeks ago and I didn't have a blog yet so I only have one picture of her in the box;

Her box is pink which is very odd to me since she is probably the least Pink "princess". Any way the box had a cute design of fans and Chinese lanterns 

Her name at the bottom;

Animated version of her;
The back of the box;
Closer look at her description;
Better veiw of the fan and lantern design;
"Also Available"
Okay so this is Mulan out of the box;
I feel disney didn't capture Mulan
correctly. She is too pretty and elegant. Not at all how she is in the movie. 

Here's a closer look at her face;
Putting her up next to te movie her face does look very similar to the animated Mulan.
They just added eye shadow. 

Okay so the flower in her hair; 
I think that's supposed to be the flower pin her mother gave to her. It's not a very good version. 

A better look at her hair;
Her hair is very long. I can't imagine what Rapunzel's is like! But I do like how her hair is style I know it's very simple and I would like the see the lose bun from in the movie but I'm sure that's difficult on a doll.
On to her dress!
The top part of the dress is very sparkly! I didn't know ancient China had sparkles. It is very cute and I do actually like it
Bottom of the dress;
It is plain and simple which isn't bad it fit the time period
The sleeves 
They come to a point and her hands just barely peak out.
  Her shoes are just simple flats. They come off very easily but they don't randomly fall off.
And her legs;
They are the bending snap legs (I don't know if there's a term for that so...) they are the ball jointed legs (which I hate because they come with the jointed ankles and then the doll can't stand!!!) they are kinda hard to bend. I don't need them for bending so alls good!
All in all I do like my Mulan she is very pretty!!! I give her an 3.5/5 

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