Monday, January 20, 2014

1999 Jolly Holiday Mary Poppins Collector Doll Review

In honor of Saving Mr. Banks (which my mom took me to see as an early birthday present on new years day) I have decided to do a review the doll I've had the longest out of my collection. GATHER 'ROUND KIDS! IT'S STORY TIME! So, in 7th grade for a Choir trip we went an saw Mary Poppins the Musical. Well my mom came with me as a chaperon. You see when I was a little girl I watched Mary Poppins non-stop. I actually broke the VHS of it because I over used it. Okay back to the musical, during intermission, as most people do, I set out to look at the merchandise. Of course the thing I wanted the most was the $32 doll that was completely beautiful. My mom, not wanting to waste money on something i could get very bored with very quickly, said no. Then she said "Plus you already have a Mary Poppins doll!" I did not have a Mary Poppins doll.
It turns out that my mother had bought it for me when I was wee little girl. The year I was born according to the box. She had hidden it in her hope chest, and gave it to me that night. I have been forbidden from opening the box which kills me because I hate boxed dolls. but I've done it! And I still itch to open her every time I look at her! Okay, well let us get with the review shall we?

Here is the front of the box! She's in her chalk painting dress (my favorite dress of hers!) and I wish so much I could wear that dress. Oh the dreams I have!

At the top of the box it states "Jolly Holiday Edition" it was the Christmas season when this doll was on the shelves.

The Collector Dolls line. Do they even have that anymore? I feel like it's now only Disney Princess dolls. I mean I'm okay with that, I just would love an Alice, Wendy, Meg, or Esmeralda doll (maybe even Kuzco) 

The logo

I just felt like I should point out Mattel did this doll, and dang did they actually do a good job!
I am going to do the Doll Since she is still in the box, so i would rather do the back last instead of second like normal.

Her full body

Her face, her nose seems kinda pudgy. She's still very beautiful.

Her ever so lovely hat

Her top. Very movie accurate if I do say so myself.

Her finger-less gloves

A more kinda full dress view.

The little red bows around the bottom of the dress.

Her umbrella

Of course It is a bird head at the handle! what else would it be!

I tried to get as good of a picture as I could, But i wasn't very successful, click here and you can see how the shoes probably look (this is not my picture, and is not the same doll model as the on I have and is reviewing)

Here Is the top of the box (I am wearing a Disney sweater XD)

I still have the price sticker on due to the fact I'm afraid to ruin the box. Also if you're wondering this doll came from Jcpenny's. I believe on Black Friday (my family are huge Black Friday shoppers!)

A view of the back!

Drawn pictures of scenes from the Movie

If you click on them you should be able to view them larger. 

Things also included

Mary Poppins is my favorite doll. And I also would like to point out she has a normal person sized waist! not a skinny little not ever possible for anyone waist like all the other classic Dolls. It makes me love this doll all the much more! Thank you for reading my review! And I recommend Saving Mr. Banks to everyone! Unless you hate movies that make you cry! It's a movie full of emotion for sure! 

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  1. Wow! That's so great. I've seen the one from the musical and to be honest, I prefer yours!