Monday, January 27, 2014

Ariel 12" Disney Classic Doll Review

Ariel is my favorite Princess (as you may know), tied with Elsa. This doll was top on my list to get. My mother actually got her for me for Christmas. Why I didn't buy her myself? I don't know... I'm weird sometimes. I've been meaning to review her for a while but wanted to review my dolls in the order I got them. (Merida is next!) I have four more dolls after Merida as well!

Monday, January 20, 2014

1999 Jolly Holiday Mary Poppins Collector Doll Review

In honor of Saving Mr. Banks (which my mom took me to see as an early birthday present on new years day) I have decided to do a review the doll I've had the longest out of my collection. GATHER 'ROUND KIDS! IT'S STORY TIME! So, in 7th grade for a Choir trip we went an saw Mary Poppins the Musical. Well my mom came with me as a chaperon. You see when I was a little girl I watched Mary Poppins non-stop. I actually broke the VHS of it because I over used it. Okay back to the musical, during intermission, as most people do, I set out to look at the merchandise. Of course the thing I wanted the most was the $32 doll that was completely beautiful. My mom, not wanting to waste money on something i could get very bored with very quickly, said no. Then she said "Plus you already have a Mary Poppins doll!" I did not have a Mary Poppins doll.

Monday, January 13, 2014

Charlotte La Bouff (12" Disney Classic Doll Review)

When Princess and The Frog first came out I fell in love with Lottie. I really wanted this doll for Christmas this year but I never expressed this expressed this feeling to my mom so I tough she would buy me Ariel and then maybe Anna or Elsa (I only got Ariel out of those three) and to my surprise I opened up Lottie in Christmas morning and I was very happy. Lottie is one of my all time favorite Disney characters and I feel she should be apart of the Disney princess collection do to the fact she is a princess. So I was so happy that they had a doll of her!

Monday, January 6, 2014

Pocahontas (12" Disney Princess Classic Doll Review)

Pocahontas was my favorite Princess and favorite movie. I always dreamed of ending up with John Smith or something crazy like that. So when I decided to start collecting Disney Classic Dolls I had to have Pocahontas! I ordered her with Mulan and got them in a box full of Christmas presents for me from my mom (the other gifts were Ariel and Lottie) but of course I only got the two I payed for. Getting on with it, here is my second doll, Pocahontas;

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Fa Mulan (12" Disney Princess Classic Doll Review)

I'm going to review Disney's "Mulan" Classic Doll! This doll was my first doll! I ordered her with  Pocahontas, but I opened Mulan first so I'm just going to say she was my first! Beware her Hair is kinda messy (some people think they can mess with her hair!) I'm too afraid to take it out and mess with it so haha sorry!