Monday, January 13, 2014

Charlotte La Bouff (12" Disney Classic Doll Review)

When Princess and The Frog first came out I fell in love with Lottie. I really wanted this doll for Christmas this year but I never expressed this expressed this feeling to my mom so I tough she would buy me Ariel and then maybe Anna or Elsa (I only got Ariel out of those three) and to my surprise I opened up Lottie in Christmas morning and I was very happy. Lottie is one of my all time favorite Disney characters and I feel she should be apart of the Disney princess collection do to the fact she is a princess. So I was so happy that they had a doll of her!

Well let me get on to actually reviewing the doll!  I didn't take a picture of her in the box because I didn't think about it, so here is a picture I found online

So here is what she looked like in the box. She also came with tissue paper wrapped around her  legs to make her legs to make the dress puffy (ever without the tissues paper it looks nice and big) okay so let's take a look at her box with out her 
The background of the box is purple with gold details and the out side is a green color with a darker green design of a frog and crown 

I feel like the crown could either be a crown or a frogs foot. Then at the bottom it states her name 

Then on the top of the box is says "Disney Classic Dolls"
Now the back of the box 

The back is a green color. A closer look at her description

"Tania's childhood 
Is a romance-obsessed and spoiled 
Debutante daughter of the 
Richest man in all of Louisiana, 
She's determined to marry a Prince 
and make her dream of 
Becoming a princess 
Come true"

Also available 

 A closer look at the crown/foot and frog design 

Now on to the actual doll 
Her face 

Her eyes on the doll remind me of this part in the movie;
Okay so on the her earrings (this is the first doll I have with earrings!) 
The picture is blurry I'm sorry. 
Her little loops In her hair 
The top of her hair/ tiara 

The back of her bun
It has we hair kinda free and I heard that if you pull on it, it turns into a cute pony tail 
Okay the collar of the dress
The top of the dress 
Its a nice pink silky material 

The poofy sleeves  are a lighter pink
The bottom of the dress

It is both the same material as the top and the sleeves 
The bow

It's a really big floppy bow 
Her skirt flaps are cute xD 
Now her legs (I'm out raged)
I hate the ball jointed legs. They can hardly stand with a stand on which is ridiculous! Maybe if they were sturdier then maybe it would be different but no my Lottie can't stand on her own two feet! Okay let me move on to her shoes 

I hate the shoes I feel they are super ugly. But the fit Lottie so I don't have a say. Any way I do love y Charlotte. I recommend her for collectors. Children not really. I give her a 3.9/5 (the legs really get me!) 


  1. a pretty good review!
    I have to ask though,
    are her earrings removable?

    1. Yes they are removable and they are actually easy to take out and put bak in (unlike monster high dolls, boy are this a hassle!) I actually didn't even try I take them out before you asked because I didn't want them to be hard to put back in! But I'd happily do something so simple for any one who reads my reviews :D and also thank you so much!

  2. Cool review! Its so sad they no longer sell Charlotte, fortunately I got mine in 2013! Since she is my favorite doll (shhh don't tell the others!) my Charlotte Doll has a blog where she writes about her escapades.

  3. Lottie's super cute! I love her expression! :)

  4. I am looking for a Lottie to buy. If you sell yours or you know someone who can sell it please contact me Thanks a lot

  5. I am looking for a Lottie to buy. If you sell yours or you know someone who can sell it please contact me Thanks a lot