Monday, January 6, 2014

Pocahontas (12" Disney Princess Classic Doll Review)

Pocahontas was my favorite Princess and favorite movie. I always dreamed of ending up with John Smith or something crazy like that. So when I decided to start collecting Disney Classic Dolls I had to have Pocahontas! I ordered her with Mulan and got them in a box full of Christmas presents for me from my mom (the other gifts were Ariel and Lottie) but of course I only got the two I payed for. Getting on with it, here is my second doll, Pocahontas;

This is the day I got her (right after my choir concert {we rocked it btw}) Sorry I had to cut out Mulan who was right next to her 
Her box with out her has a blue back ground with gold tints. The rest of the box is gold with a darker gold design of a leaf and what looks like a sun flower
at the bottom of the box it states her name
and then it also has the animated version of her 
its sideways ahhh sorry i took it with my phone stupid phone
on the top of her box it says Classic Doll Collection
the glare sorry
the back of the box
it gives a better view of the Leaf and Sunflower design
and then Her description

"The beautiful 
daughter of a Chieftain, 
is a free-spirited young 
girl who's at one with nature.
Her curiosity, independence 
and love for adventure add
to her beauty and bravery,
thus catching the eye of
Captain John Smith"

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 Now the doll herself

She has so much hair that is i put it of to one side it makes it hard for her to stand even with a stand! A better look at her face
I had to make the comparison. I feel that her face is too long and her lips aren't full enough. Other than that she is a very good representation!
 a back view of her hair
I had to use my iPod so that she didn't fall
Her hair goes down to the back of her knees. Much longer than her hair in the movie. I would of liked it shorter.
Her very important necklace
It's just a piece of fabric with glitter on it. Not very impressive. 

Her tattoo
Think this doll wouldn't have been complete without it
Her dress
I think it is a very good quality dress. It looks almost identical to the one in the movie! 
her legs
They are like Mulan's, snap and bend. They aren't great for having them sit and they barley bend. I accidentally broke her left leg by thinking it could bend more than it actually can (it's not very noticeably. you can only feel it if you try to bend her leg)

her feet
  Her feet are just bare like in the movie. This doll is very close to the movie! Disney did a great job on this one. I mean other than the necklace which was WAY off and very disappointing. I give this a 4 out of 5 I recommend her very much :D


  1. I really love Pocahontas and thinks she's one of the most beautiful princesses, but for some reason the only doll I have of her is the big singing doll of her from 2011. I think the Classic Doll is really pretty but I wish her necklace wasn't glittery fabric.

    Great review and I'm looking forward to reading more! I collect Disney dolls too. :)

    1. I love your blog! It kinda inspired me to start this one xD