Monday, February 17, 2014

Rapunzel 12" Disney Classc Doll Review

So I love Rapunzel a lot. She's one of my favorite princesses. I personally think that she is one of the most well thought out and well rounded characters Disney has every made. I mean that movie tied up all lose ends! And I would also like to apologize for making this review a week late.  I've been so busy lately. So once again I apologize.

okay so here is Rapunzel trapped in her box;

Her Movie Moment Thing/ Animated picture of her (click on the picture to watch)

I love the picture they chose for her, espically because it's a one second shot of her pretty much. Her name;

the Disney Classic Dolls Logo;

The Design on her box is a lighter purple compared to the main darker purple of the box. The design isof a hair bursh and the little sun symbol of her kingdom.

and this appeared again on her box, please if anyone knows why this Lady and the Tramp sticker is on my box please tell me in the comments.

The back of the box;

Her Description

and creative
makes the best of her life
hidden away by Mother Gothel
But when she leaves the tower
for the first time, Rapunzel
begins a journey that will
untangle many secrets
along the way."

A better look at the sun and brush

Also avalible

okay so now the unboxing!

okay so her completely out of the box



I think she's pretty close to the movie. Her face up close

Her eyes are blue, not the vibrate green like they are in the movie.

Her hair, I really wish it was longer

The top part of her dress

Her poofy sleeves that I am absolutely in love with

Notice how they don have the longer sleeve like in the movie which I am fine with because I never really liked the long sleeve much. the bottom of her dress. It was a cute sparkly design on it


 Her feet;

 I love how they didn't put shoes on her to make her more movie accurate. When I first opened her she had a chunk of hair that was a good inch longer than the rest. I cut it so it would be even with the rest. Okay so I give this doll a 4.5/5. I really do love my Rapunzel. I was debating on getting her or not but I just ended up doing it. It was a good decision! And agian I'm sorry for not doing this review sooner. To make up for it, I might do my jcp Elsa review today as well! Thank you for reading!


  1. I love your new doll!
    I kinda really wish I have a rapunzel doll right now.
    but then again,dolls with long hair are pretty high maintenance(at least for me,Im like a little girl who loves brushing and braiding doll hair,too bad Im a guy).shes pretty though.

    I just revived my blog...can you please take a look?


  2. I forgot to mention,I think those lady and the tramp stickers in your rapunzel and merida dolls were randomly slapped on the box,I saw a sleeping beauty sticker in a rapunzel doll box in a blog somewhere.

    and random thing:
    you can watch the moment thingies of the classic princess dolls even without purchasing them. here are the links
    SNow WHite:

    you can access the other princesses by replacing the princess' name on the link to the princess you like
    ex. ariel's link is o cinderella's link will be

    all of the princesses are available except anna and elsa

    1. Thanks for the explanation on the stickers. I got two other ones on new dolls. And also of cours I'll Cheack out your blog. Thank you for commenting! And also Rapunzels Hair isn't hard to Handle. But when ever I brush it I use an American girl doll brush. They are wig brushes so they're way better for dolls hair unlike the plastic ones you sometimes get with barbie, monster high, older disney dolls ect.