Saturday, March 8, 2014

Elsa JcPenny's 12" Classic Doll

I apologize for this reviewing being super late. I'e had so much going on in my life lately. But any way, This Elsa is not the Disney Store Elsa, due to the fact that Elsa, Anna, Kristoff and Hans are all completely sold out and for one day Elsa and Anna where both on Jcp's website with free to store shipping so I bought them both. But after my order was all in and I already got the billing notice in my email inbox, they where ready for pick up, so I drove out to the store (which is a good half hour form my house one way) to pick them up. And when we got there, there was only one box. The box containing Elsa. Well of course I was like, ummm ANNA?!?! and the told me then, at that moment that after I ordered her she become sold out so they are giving my money back. It's the stupidest thing i have ever heard. So that is my tale, I've decided just to wait until Anna is back at the Disney Store.

Okay so I mentioned before that she came in a box, which looked like this;

Just a regular old brown box. Okay so here is what she looks like inside of her box;

She really is beautiful. A side view;

A snow flake floarish pattern. On the front of the box down in the corner it says Disney Classic Doll Collection;

And it says her name all fancy like;

Right underneath it says "Frozen"

On the top of the box it also says "Frozen"

Okay now the back of the box;

It's such a cute picture of Elsa and Anna together! And their castle in the background! Okay so her half out of the box;

Now the box without her in it;

I really love the background, and how pink skies fades to blue mountains! Okay so her fully out of the box;

Okay so at this moment I am going to tell you what is different on this doll than the Disney Store one. The cape has a dark blue snowflake detailing on the Disney Store doll, where as this Jcp one only has a transparent cape with glitter... LOTS AND LOTS OF GLITTER! Another difference is that the arms cannot bend. They re just straight with a tiny bend at the elbow. And the hair on the jcp doll is whispier and shorter on the top, which I think mkes the hair look better. Other than that they are the same. Okay so here is her face:

I think it is perfect. Looks just like the movie! look at the comparison!

her hair is just whiter in the movie so yeah. Okay she here is a better look at her hair;

I love her hair! I just wish It was a lighter tone. She's not really blonde. okay so here is her cape:

like i said before it's just Transparent with a lot of glitter! Okay so her top;

It has a shoulder cut in the same fabric as the cape with a dark blue sweetheart neck line. The dress is darker than what is shown in the movie but is looks similar, especially for a dolls dress. Okay so the skirt part of the dress;

it has this sexy little slit in it revealing her legs. And here are her legs;

Her legs are snap bend kinda things. They are hard to bend tho. Her shoes,

They are the basic flats Disney Doll designers love sooooo much! Nothing to special. Well thank you for reading! Feel free to comment if you have a question or just a thought. Normally I rate dolls but I think I'm going to stop due to everyone should have their own opinion instead of sticking to mine. Well once again thank you!!!


  1. neat review! :)
    your elsa doll looks really pretty...
    mine is a bootleg,which is similar to yours only with thinner hair(without wisps),non-bendable legs,Anna's boots and an outfit that isn't even close to being movie accurate. TT-TT

    1. Well I'm glad you have one :D I mean it is better than nothing. But also Frozen is coming to DVD soon so the Disney store will hopefully bring the dolls back! Thank you so much for reading and your comment!

    2. true,but her outfit....
      too bad we don't have disney stores/JC Pennys here in the Philippines.
      and the mattel versions looks like they aren't going to restock on their frozen dolls anymore,like they did with brave.

      P.S. Thank you for reading my blog...I saw your comment,my next review is about to be posted later if your interested.